Discoveries of a teenager

My names are Ella steve i am a teenager who strives for building a great future for myself and i always had this believe that if we put our minds to it we can achieve anything.i’ve got four siblings and the third in our family ,evert day i am eager to build a great future for my self and my family aswell so everyday i strive in doing so by taking online courses in IT Technology ,Marketting and i was quite good at arts ao i toom up courses in graphis designs .despite being from a struggling family i always figutre out a way to improve my family’s standard of living.After i took up the courses i applied online as a freelancer for graphic designs ,logo designs precisely and being good in that i grew in a short span of time,proving my self both to my family and to the society and the world generally and i discovered that your age doesnt matter when it comes to your achievements in life and i am now a successful teenage girl and this is my discovery,the discovery of ella steve